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Want to check price of a website? How to check a web site worth? 8 Tools to check website worth

by MagicHost on December 12th, 2011

You must have been working on a website from a very long time, lets check how much worth your website is now?

Below is the list of select website which will tell you your website worth considering  various factors such as, Google Page rank, Alexa Rank, Traffic details, inbound links, social media presence and various other factors.

Some of these have might give you a nice details but some might also show it a negative aspects of your website, but overall lets take this test for your sweet website. Best part most of these websites is that they create a few inbound link for your website.  So have fun checking it but you should not necessarily take things seriously here, as the results are based on various types on calculations and differ from one another in a large extend.

This made us really happy as they are saying… is 989th most popular website in India and 183,028th most popular website worldwide. But we still need more improvement on this :)

This website almost made us dishearten :( , and hence we are not much following what they are saying here :D , but the details might work like wonder for your website so lets give it shot.

This showed some really nice stats at the bottom, this showed us that home page requires some really important changes in terms of content placements. At the bottom on the results page you will find the “Website Heatmap”, which personally I have found quit useful. This tool also shows where your website ranks in terms of keywords who have for home pages. They also give a list of gadgets that you can add to display in your website.

Results from Alexa and Pandastats were quit different so we were not much satiesfied with the results from

These guys have a really neat design and reports were nicely presented, however apart from “Indexation Results”,  we could not find much useful in it, more importantly social link results were also quit incorrect. But you will get to see excellent “KEYWORD ANALYSIS”

Shows website worth, site heatmap and Alexa traffic details.

Showed very neat and to the point details. They really tried on showing the most important data only. Only unnecessary information that you could find would be the WHOIS data, as you will checking checking your site only for this moment :P … but certainly a good feature if you are checking other websites.

We liked stats from this site as well, we found the website worth details to be more appropriate considering the traffic on on of our website.


To finish the article here, we want to tell you that just take all positive result from these statistics and work more, redesign, rebuild, rework to rank even higher and increase your worth of your website. But if you think traffic is not an necessity for your business then do not really care for these stats and just concentrate on your business. We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for reading this article till here:).

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