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Build Small Business Website, Quickest ways to get started

by MagicHost on November 13th, 2011

Planning to launch an online business. Of course, a website is a must then. This article explains the quickest ways using which you can quickly start a website and concentrate on the business.

Usually power of a nice informative website has always been under estimated and those who take it seriously… their web pages are usually top ranked pages on Google. This article also talks about that too.

Most important thing for starting a small business website is to get a domain name that suits your business. Make sure you consider Business name or Brand name gets incorporated in your domain name. For e.g. One of our client Prudence Software Solutions, has registered two domains and, just to make sure that in both cases user lands up on their business website. You can also register domain such as, efood is the community portal for foodies, run by Prudence Software, as the domain speaks more about the website.

Now if you are not a developer or does not have a team of developer or do not want to spend any money on developing a website. Then what shall you do?

Below are few suggestions that may save few bucks but may not give expected results as usually website builder tools allow you to create r develop websites in confined boundaries.

Google Sites

A free website builder from everyone’s favorite Google. You can add pages, content, menu & link items. Content can be changed any time. You also have options to choose a theme from multiple options. One of our client SSA Technologies has developed website using Google Sites, you can check it here. You will find Google Sites a little complex to use initially as it has many options, but it will be fun when you get a good command over it.

Official website :

Your website may not look professional product or service company but can be a very good platform to showcase them. Its a very popular blogging platform and you can keep on updating information about your business, company, product or services. Blogger comes with RSS Feeds, integrations with other Google products such as Adsense. Also having a domain is not compulsory (But we Strongly recommend you to have it else people will not take you seriously).

Official website:



I am sure that you must have heard this things before. WordPress is an open source web application, and it is used by thousands of thousands people around the word daily. Even this blog is powered by WordPress. But in order to get started with developing a with WordPress you need a Web Hosting as well, But do not worry it is provide by us. We will soon write a separate post for Developing a website using WordPress. Though WordPress is meant basically for blogging, many thanks to all developers around the world who have spent their time for writing WordPress plugins. These plugins can be installed on your wordpress website and your website may become a corporate website, an e-commerce portal or even a place for auctioning products.You can install themes, plugins, tools , chage content, pages, menus and even code via WordPress.

Official Website:



Joomla is also an Open Source package but has paid options too. If compared to WordPress my personal opinion is that WordPress is much easier to use and understand. But still its better that you give Joomla a shot as well, as it is also one of the most popular package. It gives you very detailed options to change pages, menus and themes.

Official Website:


Free Website Builders

There are many options for this, many web presence companies provide you Free Website Builder tools, I personally have never found them useful. So I leave this one to you to choose one using Google. But I strongly advice you to save your time than running behind this.


Doddle Kit

Its not a completely free you can check the prices from here, Doodle kit has many options depending what plan you choose according to your needs. Paid plans have no Ads hence for a Business Website, its recommended that you choose paid plans which haves no ads. It also have CMS using which your website looks and content can be changed.

Above mentioned are some of the quickest options possible to get you started in a days time with your small business website. However my own experience tells me that its always good to hire a developer or a company and get the things done as you may land up integrating something in later stages or you might get stuck in tweaking something on these platforms. If you are looking for any paid solutions contact our parent company Fifth Dimension Technologies, you well get initial email consultation free of charge.

We will update this post as we come to know about any more options in future. All the best for building your website and business.

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