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What is website hosting

by MagicHost on September 18th, 2011

This is one is one of the most commonly asked / searched on Google. Obviously as you are reading this article that means you really want answer for this question, well what is web hosting?

All websites when developed has set of files, like your logo, audio, video files and some files having HTML, PHP, .NET code in it. To have people see your website and so these files, you need to deploy these files on a web server. Your Domain Name points to this server and as web server has files for your website, people will be able to see it.

So if you want to show something on the internet under your domain name, you must have a web hosting account. Next questions could be which type of hosting account do you require?

There are basically three types of web hosting you can buy depending upon your requirements.

Shared Web Hosting: One server having multiple websites deployed on it. Shared Web Hosting is one of the most common type of web hosting. Many SMBs / SMEs and start ups choose these type of web hosting.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server): A Virtual Private Server, is a web server shared by very few customers. Resources if a dedicated servers are shared among these customers. For e.g. Sharing RAM of 4GB to 1GB each, Sharing 500GB Disk Space to 125GB each and so on. VPS basically gives impression to the customer  that he has a dedicated server but it is virtual of course. VPS is very cost effective for pilot runs of some projects as there is usually less traffic in initial period.

Dedicated Web Hosting: When you buy a dedicated server you basically own it for a specific duration (1 month, 6 months or 1 year, etc. depending on the billing). When you have a dedicated server, its your choice to deploy any number of websites. And yes after buying a dedicated servers you can also create your own shared web hosting environment so that you can sell the web space on your own web server. However it requires many other things like billing system, system automation software, human resources to manage technical support queries, sales and billing for all clients, continuous monitoring of your server.

This is one purpose of it, however you would also buy a dedicated server, if you believe that there would be lots of simultaneous traffic on your website and heavy system resources are required for processing all user requests.

We hope you have a fair understanding of these common terms about web hosting, you can dwell in by reading more articles on web hosting.

Thanks for reading !

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