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How to upload your files on a web server?

by MagicHost on March 31st, 2012

Uploading files on your servers can become comfortable if a proper set of software is used. In this article we can discuss how we can upload files using FileZilla which is one of the most widely used FTP Client.

You can download latest version of FileZilla from

Install it in usual ways and launch FileZilla Client.

To connect via FTP you need to have

  • Host name / Host IP
  • FTP UserName
  • FTP Password
  • Port number
For MagicHost users, you can find these details in emails received from us. In case you do not find these mails in your inbox they could be in your SPAM or JUNK emails folder. If you have not received these details then you need to purchase a web hosting from us :) . Assuming that you have these details, you can use “Quick Connect” feature or “Site Manager” for a establishing FTP Connection.
Quick Connect
Open FileZila Client, just below Menu Bar you will see input boxes for providing 3 details mentioned above. Enter these details and click “Quickconnect” button.
You should ideally use quick connect only to check the connections or when you want to use Filezilla on someone else’s machine. In the later case make sure you disconnect the connection bef0re leaving.
Site Manager
If you are going to require a connection on a very frequent basis, you should ideally use Filezilla’s Site Manager. Using Site Manger you can save a connection for future use. Site Manager also has lots of good advance options.
FileZilla site manager
FileZilla site manager
Steps to create a Site in Site Manager.
  1. Top open Site Manager, start Filezilla and goto File >> Site Manager.
  2. After opening this dialogue box, click on “New Site”.
  3. You can enter a new site name and that should get saved in your site list.
  4. Then enter your Host Name.
  5. Keep Protocol as FTP only and Encryption as “Use plain FTP”
  6. Select “Normal” in the drop down for “Logon Type”
  7. Enter your Username and Password.
  8. Click on connect.
That’s it this should open your FTP account you have with You would see a folder as “www”, you can upload your files under this directory and view them under your domain.
By default “www” directory willl have a file “index.htm”, just rename it to “index.htm.bak” or delete if you are sure that you will never need it. Clear your cached files of your browser and check your files again.


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