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Personal domains names for unique online identity

by MagicHost on November 12th, 2011

You can choose and register a domain name for use by an individual.

Personal Names

It’s possible to register a domain name for use by an individual. This is normally done by using the person’s first name as the domain name. For example if the person’s name is Dipak then the domain name would be: or

The problem with this is that there are lots of dipaks and so its unlikely that the name is still free. And this is what makes it unique. Most of the 5 letter .com domains are already booked, we can turn our faces towards other domain extensions such as “.in“, there are possibilities that the same name is available but with other domain extensions. Rather than using numbers to pad the name to make it unique as one often sees with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts you could try these domain extensions. If we consider Indian individual’s name then domain extensions like “.in” and ““, it makes sense to buy those.

What are advantages of buying domains that contains personal names? well it depends on personal choice. One could want to host a photo gallery, write a blog  on his personal business or even can have it as a corporate website if he runs a business with same name.  Let us summarize all advantages of using your personal name as a domain name are as below…

Advantages of using your first name as your domain name

  1. You have a really cool domain name as its unique and nobody in this whole world can have it (Only if you don’t loose it)
  2. Start writing your blog on your area of expertise and interest. Many popular bloggers use their own name as domain name.
  3. Deploy a photo gallery to share with your family and friends (Must be protected :) )
  4. You can have it as Asset and sell it when you want it at higher prices
  5. You can flaunt this domain name wherever possible and impress others :)

To check availability of your personal domain name from, It is also possible that your domain could have been purchased by someone else and kept on for auctions. VipDomains is a platform for buying, selling and leasing premium domain names.

Get your own domain name cause you never for how much it would cost (or get valued if you own it) in future. It is always better to have it somehow.

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