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how to setup Google Apps – configuration, problems and solutions

by MagicHost on December 2nd, 2011

Google Apps has been a great hit since day 1 for all various reasons…

  1. It gives you free access (for no-profit and small organizations)
  2. As all Google products such as Chat Docs and Gmail are popular it was really a wise choice to use the same for your organization.
  3. No requirement for additional infrastructure but a Domain name which costs as low as INR 99 today in India.

What is Google Apps ?

Google Apps is basically set of web applications provided by Google. The apps listed in the Google Apps suite are Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Video, Google Sites, Google Video, and Google Message Security powered by Postini.

Which version of Google Apps of is right for me?

Below is the list of Google App Versions available as of today.

Google Apps for Business: This is a Paid version of Google Apps, charging 5$ / user / month. Also has 30-Day trial period. You get 25GB of email storage per employee.

  1. Google Apps for Government
  2. Google Apps for Education
  3. Google Apps for Non-Profit Organizations
You can choose the setup whichever suits for your organization.

Apps listed in the Google Apps suite

  1. Gmail
  2. Google Docs
  3. Google Calendar
  4. Google Video
  5. Google Sites
  6. Google Video
  7. Google Message Security powered by Postini

How to configure google apps?

You need a domain for setting your domain name and your need, in case you do not have a dedicated domain for your organization you can Register a domain name from here .

Assuming that you have a domain, you must have access to your Domain Control Panel. Log in to your  control panel and we need to add few DNS Records into your domain account. The steps to follow are given below,

  1. Delete all MX Records of there are any.
    Priority Mail Server
  2.  For each MX record, make sure to:
    - Enter the corresponding priority in the Priority field.
    - Enter an @ sign in the Host field.
    - Enter the fully qualified server name of the email server—such as ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.—in the Points to field. Include a period at the end of the server name.
    - Select 1 Hour from the TTL drop-down list.
  3. Create a CNAME record with your domain host. You must create a record for each service whose URL you’re customizing. For example, to create the Gmail URL, create a CNAME record that points mail to


 What is my URL for Google Apps?

If you have a domain, then after adding about mentioned records your system then your apps URL will be as However this “mail” as the sub domain setting is done in Google Apps Admin module. This can be changed to something else as well e.g. “webmail”, “email”, etc. The same CNAME must also be updated in DNS Records.

Problems in Hosting a website on domain having Google Apps installed.

One could decided to change the hosting the for a domain name, if they are not happy with the existing service provider. But when you have Google Apps installed on it, changing the web hosting could be a CHAOS if the correct procedure is not followed. However we can follow following two methods, you can choose whichever you feel the better for you.

Changing A Record.

This is the easiest way to do, just change A record of your domain name pointing to the IP of your new hosting system.

This IP can be provided by your new service provider, However Ideally you should have a active account with your new hosting provider and hence a significant down time can be avoided. If you have access to your CPanel then IP can be found on the left column.

Changing Name Servers

This usually causes a problem as when people change the NS records , DNS records are required to be updated as the new server. Website resolves properly but Google Apps may not function as expected. So when you change NS Records make sure you replicate existing DNS records on the new server too.
We have tested these two solutions and they have worked like a charm with no problems till today!

Google Apps are really nice and comfortable to use. If your organization has 10 or less employees you should really opt Google Apps. If you are really feeling this to big a big jargon for you get in touch with our support team and we will surely help you integrating Google Apps for your domain name.


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