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Apr 25 12

Free Domain Name [.COM]

by MagicHost

Get a free .COM domain name using FREECOM2012 as coupon code when you shop at


  1. Visit , check availabity of your .COM domain name and proceed.
  2. Choose the web hosting package that you need.
  3. Click on Checkout button.
  4. Enter “FREECOM2012” as your coupon code.
  5. Complete Rest of the payment process.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer is valid only for New Users.
  2. Discount is applicable only if you purchase 500 MB Economy Hosting Plan or 1GB Economy Hosting Plan 
  3. Offer is valid till 30th April 2012 only.
Mar 31 12

How to upload your files on a web server?

by MagicHost

Uploading files on your servers can become comfortable if a proper set of software is used. In this article we can discuss how we can upload files using FileZilla which is one of the most widely used FTP Client.

You can download latest version of FileZilla from

Install it in usual ways and launch FileZilla Client.

To connect via FTP you need to have

  • Host name / Host IP
  • FTP UserName
  • FTP Password
  • Port number
For MagicHost users, you can find these details in emails received from us. In case you do not find these mails in your inbox they could be in your SPAM or JUNK emails folder. If you have not received these details then you need to purchase a web hosting from us :) . Assuming that you have these details, you can use “Quick Connect” feature or “Site Manager” for a establishing FTP Connection.
Quick Connect
Open FileZila Client, just below Menu Bar you will see input boxes for providing 3 details mentioned above. Enter these details and click “Quickconnect” button.
You should ideally use quick connect only to check the connections or when you want to use Filezilla on someone else’s machine. In the later case make sure you disconnect the connection bef0re leaving.
Site Manager
If you are going to require a connection on a very frequent basis, you should ideally use Filezilla’s Site Manager. Using Site Manger you can save a connection for future use. Site Manager also has lots of good advance options.
FileZilla site manager
FileZilla site manager
Steps to create a Site in Site Manager.
  1. Top open Site Manager, start Filezilla and goto File >> Site Manager.
  2. After opening this dialogue box, click on “New Site”.
  3. You can enter a new site name and that should get saved in your site list.
  4. Then enter your Host Name.
  5. Keep Protocol as FTP only and Encryption as “Use plain FTP”
  6. Select “Normal” in the drop down for “Logon Type”
  7. Enter your Username and Password.
  8. Click on connect.
That’s it this should open your FTP account you have with You would see a folder as “www”, you can upload your files under this directory and view them under your domain.
By default “www” directory willl have a file “index.htm”, just rename it to “index.htm.bak” or delete if you are sure that you will never need it. Clear your cached files of your browser and check your files again.


Dec 12 11

Want to check price of a website? How to check a web site worth? 8 Tools to check website worth

by MagicHost

You must have been working on a website from a very long time, lets check how much worth your website is now?

Below is the list of select website which will tell you your website worth considering  various factors such as, Google Page rank, Alexa Rank, Traffic details, inbound links, social media presence and various other factors.

Some of these have might give you a nice details but some might also show it a negative aspects of your website, but overall lets take this test for your sweet website. Best part most of these websites is that they create a few inbound link for your website.  So have fun checking it but you should not necessarily take things seriously here, as the results are based on various types on calculations and differ from one another in a large extend.

This made us really happy as they are saying… is 989th most popular website in India and 183,028th most popular website worldwide. But we still need more improvement on this :)

This website almost made us dishearten :( , and hence we are not much following what they are saying here :D , but the details might work like wonder for your website so lets give it shot.

This showed some really nice stats at the bottom, this showed us that home page requires some really important changes in terms of content placements. At the bottom on the results page you will find the “Website Heatmap”, which personally I have found quit useful. This tool also shows where your website ranks in terms of keywords who have for home pages. They also give a list of gadgets that you can add to display in your website.

Results from Alexa and Pandastats were quit different so we were not much satiesfied with the results from

These guys have a really neat design and reports were nicely presented, however apart from “Indexation Results”,  we could not find much useful in it, more importantly social link results were also quit incorrect. But you will get to see excellent “KEYWORD ANALYSIS”

Shows website worth, site heatmap and Alexa traffic details.

Showed very neat and to the point details. They really tried on showing the most important data only. Only unnecessary information that you could find would be the WHOIS data, as you will checking checking your site only for this moment :P … but certainly a good feature if you are checking other websites.

We liked stats from this site as well, we found the website worth details to be more appropriate considering the traffic on on of our website.


To finish the article here, we want to tell you that just take all positive result from these statistics and work more, redesign, rebuild, rework to rank even higher and increase your worth of your website. But if you think traffic is not an necessity for your business then do not really care for these stats and just concentrate on your business. We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for reading this article till here:).

Dec 2 11

how to setup Google Apps – configuration, problems and solutions

by MagicHost

Google Apps has been a great hit since day 1 for all various reasons…

  1. It gives you free access (for no-profit and small organizations)
  2. As all Google products such as Chat Docs and Gmail are popular it was really a wise choice to use the same for your organization.
  3. No requirement for additional infrastructure but a Domain name which costs as low as INR 99 today in India.

What is Google Apps ?

Google Apps is basically set of web applications provided by Google. The apps listed in the Google Apps suite are Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Video, Google Sites, Google Video, and Google Message Security powered by Postini.

Which version of Google Apps of is right for me?

Below is the list of Google App Versions available as of today.

Google Apps for Business: This is a Paid version of Google Apps, charging 5$ / user / month. Also has 30-Day trial period. You get 25GB of email storage per employee.

  1. Google Apps for Government
  2. Google Apps for Education
  3. Google Apps for Non-Profit Organizations
You can choose the setup whichever suits for your organization.

Apps listed in the Google Apps suite

  1. Gmail
  2. Google Docs
  3. Google Calendar
  4. Google Video
  5. Google Sites
  6. Google Video
  7. Google Message Security powered by Postini

How to configure google apps?

You need a domain for setting your domain name and your need, in case you do not have a dedicated domain for your organization you can Register a domain name from here .

Assuming that you have a domain, you must have access to your Domain Control Panel. Log in to your  control panel and we need to add few DNS Records into your domain account. The steps to follow are given below,

  1. Delete all MX Records of there are any.
    Priority Mail Server
  2.  For each MX record, make sure to:
    - Enter the corresponding priority in the Priority field.
    - Enter an @ sign in the Host field.
    - Enter the fully qualified server name of the email server—such as ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.—in the Points to field. Include a period at the end of the server name.
    - Select 1 Hour from the TTL drop-down list.
  3. Create a CNAME record with your domain host. You must create a record for each service whose URL you’re customizing. For example, to create the Gmail URL, create a CNAME record that points mail to


 What is my URL for Google Apps?

If you have a domain, then after adding about mentioned records your system then your apps URL will be as However this “mail” as the sub domain setting is done in Google Apps Admin module. This can be changed to something else as well e.g. “webmail”, “email”, etc. The same CNAME must also be updated in DNS Records.

Problems in Hosting a website on domain having Google Apps installed.

One could decided to change the hosting the for a domain name, if they are not happy with the existing service provider. But when you have Google Apps installed on it, changing the web hosting could be a CHAOS if the correct procedure is not followed. However we can follow following two methods, you can choose whichever you feel the better for you.

Changing A Record.

This is the easiest way to do, just change A record of your domain name pointing to the IP of your new hosting system.

This IP can be provided by your new service provider, However Ideally you should have a active account with your new hosting provider and hence a significant down time can be avoided. If you have access to your CPanel then IP can be found on the left column.

Changing Name Servers

This usually causes a problem as when people change the NS records , DNS records are required to be updated as the new server. Website resolves properly but Google Apps may not function as expected. So when you change NS Records make sure you replicate existing DNS records on the new server too.
We have tested these two solutions and they have worked like a charm with no problems till today!

Google Apps are really nice and comfortable to use. If your organization has 10 or less employees you should really opt Google Apps. If you are really feeling this to big a big jargon for you get in touch with our support team and we will surely help you integrating Google Apps for your domain name.


Nov 13 11

Build Small Business Website, Quickest ways to get started

by MagicHost

Planning to launch an online business. Of course, a website is a must then. This article explains the quickest ways using which you can quickly start a website and concentrate on the business.

Usually power of a nice informative website has always been under estimated and those who take it seriously… their web pages are usually top ranked pages on Google. This article also talks about that too.

Most important thing for starting a small business website is to get a domain name that suits your business. Make sure you consider Business name or Brand name gets incorporated in your domain name. For e.g. One of our client Prudence Software Solutions, has registered two domains and, just to make sure that in both cases user lands up on their business website. You can also register domain such as, efood is the community portal for foodies, run by Prudence Software, as the domain speaks more about the website.

Now if you are not a developer or does not have a team of developer or do not want to spend any money on developing a website. Then what shall you do?

read more…

Nov 12 11

Personal domains names for unique online identity

by MagicHost

You can choose and register a domain name for use by an individual.

Personal Names

It’s possible to register a domain name for use by an individual. This is normally done by using the person’s first name as the domain name. For example if the person’s name is Dipak then the domain name would be: or

The problem with this is that there are lots of dipaks and so its unlikely that the name is still free. And this is what makes it unique. Most of the 5 letter .com domains are already booked, we can turn our faces towards other domain extensions such as “.in“, there are possibilities that the same name is available but with other domain extensions. Rather than using numbers to pad the name to make it unique as one often sees with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts you could try these domain extensions. If we consider Indian individual’s name then domain extensions like “.in” and ““, it makes sense to buy those.

What are advantages of buying domains that contains personal names? well it depends on personal choice. One could want to host a photo gallery, write a blog  on his personal business or even can have it as a corporate website if he runs a business with same name.  Let us summarize all advantages of using your personal name as a domain name are as below…

Advantages of using your first name as your domain name

  1. You have a really cool domain name as its unique and nobody in this whole world can have it (Only if you don’t loose it)
  2. Start writing your blog on your area of expertise and interest. Many popular bloggers use their own name as domain name.
  3. Deploy a photo gallery to share with your family and friends (Must be protected :) )
  4. You can have it as Asset and sell it when you want it at higher prices
  5. You can flaunt this domain name wherever possible and impress others :)

To check availability of your personal domain name from, It is also possible that your domain could have been purchased by someone else and kept on for auctions. VipDomains is a platform for buying, selling and leasing premium domain names.

Get your own domain name cause you never for how much it would cost (or get valued if you own it) in future. It is always better to have it somehow.

Nov 2 11

Email configurations POP, IMAP, SMTP and port settings to configure outllook express and mozilla thunderbird

by MagicHost

Below the list of server details email configurations.

Hydrabaad Server
Server :
Port: 110

Port: 26

US Server
Port: 110

Port: 143

Port: 25 or 2525 or 587


For configuring your mails on outlook express and Mozilla Thunder Bird you can refer to this article.

Nov 2 11

Configure outlook express 2003, 2007, 2010

by MagicHost

Using Outlook Express for the emails gives you very good control over multiple email accounts. There are really nice advantages of using outlook as your primary email client.

Advantages of using Email Clients

  • Really saves a lot of time
  • Does not require frequent log-ins
  • You can use multiple accounts (i.e multiple emails accounts from multiple domains)
  • You can configure your accounts from popular email service providers such as GMail, Yahoo, etc.
  • You get very handy formatting options, as outlook is really nicely integrated with MS-Office software tools such as Word, Excel, Power point, etc.
  • Get alerts to get notified for new emails
  • Create rules to send mails to appropriate folders

However there are alternatives available as well for Outlook Express such as Mozilla Thunderbird which is an open source software and it is absolutely free to use.


Steps to configure Outlook Express

  1. Start Outlook Express. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  2. In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click Add, and then click Mail.
  3. In the Display name box, type the name that you want others to see when you send a message, and then click Next.
  4. In the E-mail address box, type the e-mail address for the account that you are using (for example,, and then click Next.
  5. Under E-mail Server Names, click the appropriate incoming e-mail server type (Post Office Protocol version 3 [POP3] is the default type). You can choose between POP3 and IMAP, there is are few really important differences between them you can check those differences here and take a call on select which protocol you should your for your setup.
  6. For our example we will use, POP3 as the protocol, enter the Incoming mail server as If you selected IMAP as the incoming mail server, then the mail server you need to use is The SMTP server address in any case will be entered as Once this is done, click Next.
  7. Type your complete email address and password in the Account name and Password boxes respectively and then click Next.
  8. The next window that you see reads “Congratulations, you have successfully entered all of the information required to set up your account.” To save these settings, click Finish.
  9. Now as your account is setup, you can just press F9 key (short cut for send/receive) and see if this works
  10. If in case send receive gives some errors, it is likely that you need to change the port numbers, as usually the shared hosting environments do not set the standard port numbers for security reasons.
  11. For MagicHost Users your check your correct settings on this page
  12. Now to rectify and fix these errors open the Internet Accounts dialog box referring to steps 1 and 2. In the Mail view, you will see the Account you have just added. Now you need to click Properties.
  13. Under the Servers tab, you need to check the checkbox My server requires authentication placed under Outgoing Mail Server. Once this is done, click Apply and close the Internet Accounts dialog box.
  14. Now under Send/Receive button, click on Send and Receive All and the mails will be download and visible when you click on Inbox which is located in the List of Local Folders as shown below.
  15. In case your ISP has blocked port 25 , you can alternatively use port 2525 for sending mails.
  16. Select the email account you wish to modify and click Properties.
  17. Under the Advanced tab, replace the default port number 25 with the alternate port number 2525 in the field provided for Outgoing mail (SMTP).
  18. Click OK and then Close to save the changes.

We hope you find this article useful for configuring your outlook express account. You can post use comments if you have any questions or comments.


Sep 18 11

What is website hosting

by MagicHost

This is one is one of the most commonly asked / searched on Google. Obviously as you are reading this article that means you really want answer for this question, well what is web hosting?

All websites when developed has set of files, like your logo, audio, video files and some files having HTML, PHP, .NET code in it. To have people see your website and so these files, you need to deploy these files on a web server. Your Domain Name points to this server and as web server has files for your website, people will be able to see it.

So if you want to show something on the internet under your domain name, you must have a web hosting account. Next questions could be which type of hosting account do you require?

There are basically three types of web hosting you can buy depending upon your requirements.

Shared Web Hosting: One server having multiple websites deployed on it. Shared Web Hosting is one of the most common type of web hosting. Many SMBs / SMEs and start ups choose these type of web hosting.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server): A Virtual Private Server, is a web server shared by very few customers. Resources if a dedicated servers are shared among these customers. For e.g. Sharing RAM of 4GB to 1GB each, Sharing 500GB Disk Space to 125GB each and so on. VPS basically gives impression to the customer  that he has a dedicated server but it is virtual of course. VPS is very cost effective for pilot runs of some projects as there is usually less traffic in initial period.

Dedicated Web Hosting: When you buy a dedicated server you basically own it for a specific duration (1 month, 6 months or 1 year, etc. depending on the billing). When you have a dedicated server, its your choice to deploy any number of websites. And yes after buying a dedicated servers you can also create your own shared web hosting environment so that you can sell the web space on your own web server. However it requires many other things like billing system, system automation software, human resources to manage technical support queries, sales and billing for all clients, continuous monitoring of your server.

This is one purpose of it, however you would also buy a dedicated server, if you believe that there would be lots of simultaneous traffic on your website and heavy system resources are required for processing all user requests.

We hope you have a fair understanding of these common terms about web hosting, you can dwell in by reading more articles on web hosting.

Thanks for reading !

Sep 13 11

Free Web Hosting

by MagicHost

Yes you heard it right!

We are now declaring free web hosting on .Com and .Net domain extensions, this offer starts from today and will continue till 31st December 2011.

Sounds exciting? but what is the next step now?

Register yourself from this Registration Page, then book your .Com or .Net domain name and get yourself a free web hosting for 6 Months, NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

If want more information about this domain get in touch with us. You can call on +91(22)65245678 or write to us at